Sailing into the Mystic

Captains of our own ship, salute yourselves. You have probably weathered many storms and hopefully sailed vast bodies of calm waters too. You have tasted the sea and felt the sky. You have learned how to navigate your course magnificently as you become the master of your life.

M.Scott Peck in his Wisdoms on the Road Less Traveled opens the book with the following, poignant line:

Life is difficult! This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths.

He goes on to say that once we know and accept that life is difficult, it no longer matters. We know it will bring pain and joy and that we will often hear the call to be courageous. If we heed its call as we tackle our problems, we are rewarded with knowledge and wisdom. It is in this process of solving problems and removing obstacles on our journey that life has meaning.

Celestial navigation requires complicated computations. So does navigating your life. Whatever instruments or tools you use, study them, be open to alternatives and find what resonates. That is your truth! You can never get it wrong. You have come here with a purpose and that purpose is expansion. Joyous expansion.

The Universe Always Provides Signs , Pay Attention.

 It might seem random, but it is not. Jot things down as you see certain things. Emotions, the steady stream of thoughts or symbols and nature accentuate your frequency of your being. Sail through your life with heightened awareness. Call on your guides, in whatever form, and consistently navigate your chart to lead you into the life you deserve.


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