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When the airplane approached Cape Town and I caught the first glimpse of the very familiar coastline and then my beloved, majestic Table Mountain, a tear sprung, a heartstring pulled, it was that feeling of home.I felt even more at home when my dear friend handed me the issue of this Sundays ‘Sunday Times’. My favourite Sunday morning past-time while living in South Africa was to read the Sunday Times. A long lingering in bed with ink stained fingers, the smell that only newspapers have and an entire mind fuck of last weeks events in sunny South Africa.

The headline read ‘It’s Open Revolt’. I knew a shitstorm had just broken out.

The previous Monday a letter from the presidency was addressed to Pravin Gordhan, minister of finance, that instructed him to return home and that the investor tour is canceled. Ahmed Kathrada, a South African politician, political prisoner and anti-apartheid activist passed away and Jacob Zuma was requested, by the family of Kathrada, not to attend. A cabinet reshuffle that slaughtered anti-Zuma ministers, credit down-rating to junk status, stories of conspiracy, Russian nuclear deals and the appointment of Gigaba , a man who was rewarded for handing over the South African Airlines route to India to Gupta Airlines. Mention the name Gupta and most South Africans start fuming at the nostrils.Not surprising, as it seems that the Gupta and Zuma clans are setting themselves up to take total control over the treasury. Zimbabwe style!

South Africa has long had a history of protest, but the majority of White people didn’t really participate. This day proved different. “Enough is a enough!” they cried. Hashtag ‘Zumamustgo’ trended and a call for a peaceful human-chain was made. Black Monday became everyone’s profile picture on Facebook. It’s amazing how strong a calling to rise, to activism, is achieved when one’s own personal pocket is affected. It also meant, that finally, a nation stands united.Hope for SA!




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