You are not alone

I took this photo in Vienna a few years ago.It’s a powerful message as climate change is a growing concern for penguins.It stirs the observer to give thought to this plight and side with penguins. You are not alone, I have your back penguins.







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One thought on “You are not alone

  1. jorg mauderer

    dealing with climate change at present…….think of the 75 year weather pattern cycle…… deal with it is to adapt,like dealing with our smothering waste (especially chemical and plastic waste) by means of recycling.Renewable energy clearly is the answer for vital energy production……but let us start with educating people in the poorer communities,remove superstision(China and Rhino horn) and reduce overpopulation drastically……lots of the hype of Climate related issues is unfortunately exaggerated and a deceiving means to attract taxes and donation monies.China has made enormous steps to improve healthy living environments and might soon become a world class leader……but overpopulation demands higher consumerism and creates enormous stresses on humans ,animals and infrastructure.

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